Selected Poems

Robert Bringhurst

Selected Poems reaches across Robert Bringhurst’s rich and varied œuvre, including old works and new. As a poet, typographer, and lifelong student of Native American languages and oral literatures, Bringhurst balances the physical art of spoken language and the “salvageable wisdom” of pre-Columbian America that breathes fresh with every reading. A man who claims no title and no address, Bringhurst has shaped our world through his work in typography, linguistic anthropology, and—most quietly and profoundly—in poetry.

ISBN: 9781556593918

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Robert Bringhurst is one of Canada’s most celebrated poets. He was born in California in 1946, moved with his family to Alberta in 1952, and has lived most of his adult life in the remoter parts of the British Columbia coast. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow, a Witter Bynner Fellow in Poetry at the Library of Congress, a Phillips Fund Fellow at the American Philosophical Society, a writer-in-residence at the University of Edinburgh, and the winner of the prestigious …

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“Reading Robert Bringhurst’s poems is like breathing pure air. His poetry is rare but never rarefied… He attempts to grasp the essence of what it is to be alive.” —The Observer (London)

“Bringhurst’s work is work of sensation as much as of intellect, a sensation as deeply rooted in the actual… His poetry leads back to the mythic landscapes and villages of pre-modern humanity, ‘where the stones have not stopped breathing and the light is still alive.'” —The Times (London)

“Robert Bringhurst may well be the poet we have all been waiting for, one who can reclaim for poetry the dignity, wit, brilliance, and wisdom it has recently appeared to have mislaid. He is without doubt a major poet, not only in the context of Canadian letters, but in that of all writing of our time.” —Poetry