The News

Jeffrey Brown

In his first collection of poems, Jeffrey Brown explores the big topics of the day—“the news”—in a voice beyond the limitations of journalistic speech. A veteran of national news reporting, Brown (PBS NewsHour) turns his attention to the narratives of artists, inmates, cadets, and survivors of the world’s tragedies, as well as to the profound intimacy of family. Brown conveys both suffering and triumph with a music that pays tribute to the multitude of human voices, opening his own life and expression for public viewing.
Full of self-examination, brutal honesty, and wry humor,
The News captures not what’s on one side of the lens but all that surrounds it.

ISBN: 9781556594809

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Jeffrey Brown is senior correspondent and chief arts correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, public television’s national nightly newscast. He is a recipient of the Peabody and Emmy Awards. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.

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