The Redshifting Web

Arthur Sze

A comprehensive selection of great poems by one of the most intensely musical and visionary poets writing today. This collection spans more than a quarter century of published work, including selections from five previous award-winning books, and makes available for the first time the full range of Sze’s remarkable poetry. Through the startling juxtaposition of images, Sze reveals the interconnectedness and the interdependency of things and ideas, always with an ear attuned to pitch and cadence.

ISBN: 9781556590887

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Arthur Sze has published eleven books of poetry, including Sight Lines (2019), which won the National Book Award, and The Glass Constellation: New and Collected Poems (2021). His other books include Compass Rose (2014), a Pulitzer Prize finalist; The Ginkgo Light (2009), selected for the PEN Southwest Book Award and the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association Book Award; Quipu (2005); The Redshifting Web: Poems 1970–1998, selected for the Balcones Poetry Prize and the Asian American Literary Award; and Archipelago …

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“Sze writes very clear lines, quietly musical in the way that ordinary speech can be if it has a sense of measure.” —Robert Hass

“In his best poems, Sze strikes off psychic riffs as weirdly oscilloscopic as the shivering flashes in Hendrix’s studio improvisings. He brings together disparate realms of experience—astronomy, botany, anthropology, Taoism—and observes their correspondences with an exuberant attentiveness.” —New Yorker

“The sureness of Sze’s language and the clarity of his eye present a compelling picture of the world.” —Publishers Weekly

“Sze’s recent poems seem dazzled and haunted by patterns.” —Washington Post Book World