Views from Along the Middle Way

Thomas Centolella

In his third book, San Francisco poet Thomas Centolella offers a journey through the tenuous nature of human intimacy into philosophical considerations from the East and the West (the “middle way” of the title derives from Buddhism’s middle ground between asceticism and self-indulgence). Varying from conversational narratives to shorter lyrical ruminations, Centolella’s voice bends adroitly to meet the needs of urban life.

ISBN: 9781556591617

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Thomas Centolella has authored four books of poetry: Terra Firma, Lights & Mysteries, Views from along the Middle Way, and Almost Human. His honors include the American Book Award, the Lannan Literary Award, the Guggenheim Fellowship, the California Book Award, the Northern California Book Award, the Dorset Prize, and publication in the National Poetry Series. A former Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, he has taught creative writing in the Bay Area for many years, including at the Institute on Aging …

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“Thomas Centolella’s Views from Along the Middle Way navigates with a distilled lyricism the complicated journey from the everyday to the transcendent.” —Dennis Loy Johnson, MobyLives

“Centolella is a subtle poet whose intimate, conversational style embraces the best of both Eastern and Western meditative traditions.” —The Buffalo News

“Centolella’s direct approach is rich with the day-to-day, documenting commercial and spiritual transactions with intelligence, music, and gentle humor.” —Library Journal

“[These] poems frequently take emotional risks that richly reward the reader.” —Choice