Wild Tongue

Rebecca Seiferle

In Seiferle’s fourth book of poems, the tongue is both language and body, and Wild Tongue rages against bits, bridles, and palliatives that attempt to calm or control. It counterbalances divorce and domestic violence with newfound love and cathartic wit. Beautiful and direct, the poems are like cave drawings, inspired by urgency and concern, working into the cracks and contours of truth and wounds. “The human voice on the edge of extinction,” Seiferle writes, “and on that edge, everything wild, unspoken, vital and living, begins to speak out.”

ISBN: 9781556592621

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Rebecca Seiferle was awarded a Lannan Literary Fellowship in 2004. She has translated two poery collections from the Spanish by César Vallejo, most recently The Black Heralds (Copper Canyon, 2003). Her translations have been included in several anthologies. Her own work has been included in over twenty-five anthologies and has been translated into Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian, and Latvian. She has been a poet-in-residence at Brandeis University and has taught in the Stonecoast MFA Program, the Port Townsend Writers Conference, the …

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