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From the Theater of Wine
from Cyrus Cassells'
Beautiful Signor

Suddenly we're sons of Noah,
in biblical robes,
wielding showy censers
to start with pomp
a Rosh Hashanah preschool pageant.
When the whirling incense
clears from the open courtyard
of the old kabbala school,
and the small children have quelled
their raucous coughing,
barrels of ripeness are brought in,
and tin pans
brimming with the vineyards' glory.
Soon Noah's mightily confused,
mock intoxicated...

As you take a jesterly bow,
autumn sun glistens in the auburn
of your Old Testament wig.
And spry Noah is filling
the lush, tousled lap
of his lavish beard
with grapes.
And the barefoot children are learning
a fruit-breathed laughter,
as they stamp and savor the labor
in the jubilant lesson of wine.

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