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Geo-Bestiary: 12
from Jim Harrison's
Shape of the Journey, The
I was hoping to travel the world
backward in my red wagon,
one knee in, the other foot pushing.
I was going to see the sights I’d imagined:
Spanish buildings, trellised with flowers,
a thousand Rapunzels brushing their long
black hair with street vendors singing
the lyrics of Lorca. I’d be towed
by a stray Miura over the green Pyrenees,
turning the bull loose before French customs.
At the edge of the forest René Char was roasting
a leg of lamb over a wood fire. We shared
a gallon of wine while mignonettes frolicked for us.
This all occurred to me forty-two
years ago while hoeing corn and it’s time
for it all to come to pass along with my canoe
trip through Paris, with Jean Moreau trailing
a hand in the crystalline Seine, reading me Robert Desnos.
Why shouldn’t this happen? I have to rid
myself of this last land mine, the unlived life.
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What sadness and what loss! There was never anyone quite like him. Who is there out there in the American republic of letters who can take his place? I hope someone will, but I'm not optimistic. Bravo to Copper Canyon for publishing Jim all#

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