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from Karen Whalley's
Rented Violin, The
The moment a man questions the meaning of his life, he is sick.
—Sigmund Freud

I don't remember when I stopped
Questioning. Maybe it was when
My neighbor Marge lost her daughter
To cancer, buried without her hair.
Marge didn't mention it
When she carried a bowl
Of cherry tomatoes over
And stood in the cidery shade
Of a small-leafed tree, not talking
Across the fence. This heat's blinding,
She said, and held a long salute
Above her eyes, twisting her sad
Gray braid into knot at the nape.
Why didn't she say something?

I look a little foolish as I look
Back now, standing waist-deep in yarrow,
Happy as a hat, checking for leaf miners,
As if we both had time enough
To speculate the way we did
On what color you'd call the hollyhocks.
As if pink weren't enough of a word.
Maybe what she needed
When the call came from Idaho
Was to pick a bowl of cold tomatoes.
Maybe she needed to be
Any old woman in the world but her
Stooping to tall hollyhocks
And searching her mind
For just the right shade of pink.
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Brown and Sze Named National Book Award Finalists


Congratulations to Jericho Brown (The Tradition) and Arthur Sze (Sight Lines), finalists for the 2019 National Book Award in Poetry! The National Book Awards, given annually by the National Book Foundation, were established in 1950 to celebrate the best writing in America. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on November 20, 2019. Past Copper Canyon Press National Book Award winners include C.D. Wright, Hayden Carruth, W.S. Merwin, and Ruth Stone.


View the complete list of this year's finalists here.

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Although I'm very old, I find in poetry something new and beautiful and enlivening. It's never too late!

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