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After the Point of No Return
David Wagoner
$16.00 paperback
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After the Point of No Return
David Wagoner

For more than fifty years, David Wagoner has nourished his readers with vivid poems of place and personhood. In After the Point of No Return, Wagoner finds wonder in the world of the senses and memory as he reveals the melodies of an ancient rainforest, remembers boyhood rituals, or captures the swift movement of a fox at the edge of vision. At the same time that he celebrates abundance, he mourns its loss, as hard-driving forces converge to annihilate nature and memory. 

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2013 Paterson Poetry Prize Finalist

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For After the Point of No Return, David Wagoner

"The grace, clarity, and emotional depth of Wagoner's works have been a constant model, and it is heartening to see that his most recent poems are his best. In them, he has the privilege of looking back with a rare wisdom, of looking down from the heights of his rare gifts." —J.D. McClatchy

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