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Lemon Peeled the Moment Before
Roger Mitchell
$16.00 paperback
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Lemon Peeled the Moment Before
New & Selected Poems 1967-2009
Roger Mitchell

Lemon Peeled the Moment Before gathers work from Mitchell's previous nine books of poetry, and adds a generous selection of new poems. Charles Simic has written of his work, "We want a book—be it a work of fiction or poetry—to remind us how varied and complex our experience of the world can be at times. And yet when we encounter such a book, we realize how rarely we come across one that fits that description and how astonishing it is when we do... Not many poets now writing have as wide a range as he does, both in terms of subject matter and form. His poems are rich in detail, masterly in execution, and always a good read. He is savvy about the way we Americans live and try to make sense of our lives in this moment in history."

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For Lemon Peeled the Moment Before, Roger Mitchell

"Surely Roger Mitchell's book should find a place among the best of contemporary writing."—Milwaukee Journal

"Mitchell is such a good writer, so unpretentiously devoted to alertness in words that he leaves his readers more pleasure than exegetical work."—The Hudson Review

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