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Happy Life
David Budbill
$16.00 paperback
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Happy Life
David Budbill

David Budbill continues a wry, joyful examination of life on his semi-metaphorical Judevine Mountain, writing about the New England seasons, fame and fortune, self-reliance, aging, and the engaged creative life. Profoundly simple and immediate, Budbill's poems radiate a dialogue with nature through absolute clarity of expression.




Barnes & Noble Nook Edition


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For Happy Life, David Budbill

"His poetry is as accessible as a parking lot and as plain as a pair of Levi's."—Parnassus

"A recognizable immediacy and honesty, accompanied by an endearing wit... Budbill's economical, brush-stroke approach... evinces a hard-won clarity, a pure, human tone."—Library Journal

"One of the most readable American poets ever."—Booklist

"There we have it in a nutshell, the defining terms of Budbill's vision, the tension between worldly desire and quiet wisdom, the intent to be here now. It's a focus that infuses nearly every poem in this collection, whether he is writing about nature, or chores, or celebrating his occasional visits to the city, where amidst the '[c]rowded and noisy streets,' he feels 'the solitude of / the quiet mountainside.'....Such resolution is difficult to come by, and more difficult to maintain. It requires both self-awareness and a touch of self-deprecation ... or, at least, the ability to see yourself plain."—L.A. Times
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