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Sight Lines
Arthur Sze
$16.00 paperback
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Sight Lines
Arthur Sze

From the current phenomenon of drawing calligraphy with water in public parks in China to Thomas Jefferson laying out dinosaur bones on the White House floor, from the last sighting of the axolotl to a man who stops building plutonium triggers, Sight Lines moves through space and time and brings the disparate and divergent into stunning and meaningful focus. In this new work, Arthur Sze employs a wide range of voices―from lichen on a ceiling to a man behind on his rent―and his mythic imagination continually evokes how humans are endangering the planet; yet, balancing rigor with passion, he seizes the significant and luminous and transforms these moments into riveting and enduring poetry.

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For Sight Lines, Arthur Sze

Inside these poems of billowing consciousness, we too are alive to a spectrum of wonders.The New York Times

“Sze artfully matches style and content... Finely crafted and philosophical, this is a book that rewards multiple careful readings.”―Publishers Weekly

His poems enact the prodigious multiplicity and simultaneity of any one moment. The best way to show this may be to offer his technique in action, particularly evident in the title poem, in which time, place, danger, culpability, and desire blur and turn into one another in a temporal, sensory frisson.Virginia Quarterly Review 

...dazzling poems of connectivity and multiplicity...Vulture

“An absolute marvel that is set to dazzle your notion of attention." —Poetry & Poets

“[Sze] brings together disparate realms of experience―astronomy, botany, anthropology, Taoism―and observes their correspondences with an exuberant attentiveness.”―The New Yorker

“Sze's is a deeply humanist and erotic sensibility, utilizing an unadorned diction and language steeped in the metaphoric possibilities that exist for us by mere dint of being human.”―Eric P. Elshtain, Chicago Review

“Arthur Sze is a demanding and valuable poet… While the influence of Eastern poetry is usually felt in American poetry as imagism, in Sze's poems, that tradition is present not just as a quality of perception, but of thought--made available to us in all its complexity through a precision of language so refined that it feels like marksmanship.”―Jacqueline Osherow, Antioch Review

"...A glory of images, layerings, and repetitions." —Terrain

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