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Run The Red Lights
Ed Skoog
$16.00 paperback
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Run The Red Lights
Ed Skoog

Run the Red Lights is the third collection from poet and teacher Ed Skoog, whose lyrics are especially transcendent in this book, which marks his first years as a parent. Skoog's poems delve into music, memory, and a tumbling rush of delightful sound, accutely noticing what is missing or transforming: solitude, privacy, public spaces, rock music, the climate.

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For Run The Red Lights, Ed Skoog

"Ed Skoog is a master of mischief and misdirection ... I find a unique alchemy in this book: a deep sadness combined with broad humor, and most of all a sense that I'm being allowed to see a poet watching himself in the midst of evolving, captured in motion like a series of time-lapse photographs." —Prairie Schooner

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