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Hard Night
Christian Wiman
$14.00 paperback
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Hard Night
Christian Wiman

Hard Night is a book of appealing intensity and range. From personal lyrics of loss and solitude to ambitiously evocative narratives, Christian Wiman's new poems reveal a talent and scope that are rare in contemporary poetry. Three long poems define the structure of Hard Night, each variously meditating on art, loneliness and love. The book culminates with "Being Serious," a birth-to-death biography of a Serious, a tragi-comic man who is as entertaining as he is poignant. Interspersed are twenty shorter lyrics that in their formal and musical dexterity, emotional directness, and avoidance of sentimentality recall the work of Frost and Yeats.

Wiman, the editor of Poetry, demonstrates in his second book that his own poetry is "equipment for living", exhibiting both mysterious surface clarity and great depth while evincing a feeling for real life.

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For Hard Night, Christian Wiman

"Wiman's poems are the image of a deep longing which plays itself out as a dialectic between form and experience; they allow him to express a truth which is not necessarily oppositional but multiple, many-sided."—The Alsop Review

"A poet we will reckon with over time."Kirkus Reviews

"At a time when many poets are using fragmentation and collage as their modus operandi, Wiman is a patient master of tradition: polishing each word, moving each poem coherently from beginning to end by an unfractured, emotional logic."—San Jose Mercury News

"In his second collection, Wiman... presents poems that are unusually welcoming in their sensuous evocation of the sounds and sights of everyday life and the ambience of dreams and reveries. Equally adept in writing formally and in free verse, Wiman, as much a storyteller as a lyric poet, revels in the musicality of language, orchestrating the staccato rhythms of consonants and the chiming and rhyming of vowels. His enticing poems glint with mischievous humor, a keen sensitivity to the weather of landscapes and mindscapes, and a frank fascination with age, death, and the struggle to convince oneself that life has meaning."Booklist

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