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Book of Questions, The
Pablo Neruda
$14.00 paperback
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Book of Questions, The  (paperback)
Bilingual edition
Pablo Neruda


Copper Canyon Press's all-time best-selling book.

Pablo Neruda is one of the world's most popular poets, and in The Book of Questions, Neruda refuses to be corralled by the rational mind. Composed of 316 unanswerable questions, these poems integrate the wonder of a child with the experiences of an adult. By turns Orphic, comic, surreal, and poignant, Neruda's questions lead the reader beyond reason into realms of intuition and pure imagination.

This complete translation of Pablo Neruda's El libro de las preguntas (The Book of Questions) features Neruda's original Spanish-language poems alongside William O'Daly's English translations. In his introduction O'Daly, who has translated eight volumes of Pablo Neruda's poetry, writes, "These poems, more so than any of Neruda's other work, remind us that living in a state of visionary surrender to the elemental questions, free of the quiet desperation of clinging too tightly to answers, may be our greatest act of faith."

When Neruda died in 1973, The Book of Questions was one of eight unpublished poetry manuscripts that lay on his desk. In it, Neruda achieves a deeper vulnerability and vision than in his earlier work-and this unique book is a testament to everything that made Neruda an artist.

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(also available in hardbound)
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For Book of Questions, The, Pablo Neruda

"Cryptic and intriguing, these brief answerless riddles... ask the sophisticated question of the innocent child—'Is the sun the same as yesterday's / or is the fire different than that fire?'—and probe what it means to be human."—Library Journal

"The English versions of the poems are excellent and can easily be compared to the Spanish original."—Choice

"The Nobel laureate’s poems evoke pictures that make sense on a visual level before the reader can grasp them on a literal one. The effect is mildly dazzling... O' Daly’s translations achieve a tone that is both meditative and spontaneous."—Publishers Weekly

 "These brief poems... express the Nobel laureate's lifelong dedication to revealing an inner structure of feeling that underlies all experience."—Bookpaper

"William O'Daly's fine translations of the Nobel winner Pablo Neruda's posthumous books... are gently astonishing, the way good poetry should be."—Crossroads

"A beautifully produced bilingual edition... featuring a wonderfully mischievous and passionate poet, although obviously aware of impending death, at the peak of his powers."—Daily Hampshire Gazette

"The Book of Questions... contains 316 questions asked with the poet’s childlike sense of wonder—questions that demand no rational answers, only sincere thought. O'Daly's work is a must for anyone interested in Neruda's poetry."—Elliot Bay Booknotes

"Copper Canyon’s project is worthy of the poet."—New York Newsday

"O'Daly's translation from Neruda's Spanish returns the straightforward nature of Neruda's verse, the outrageous honesty that navigates through such surreal treatment."—Sentinel & Enterprise

"Copper Canyon Press, a Pacific Northwest nonprofit publisher who has been devoted to the enhancement and appreciation of poetry for nearly 30 years, leads the way in poetry translations... These new translations magnificently present Neruda's late work."—Source Weekly

"The Book of Questions bears witness to more than Neruda's personal quest; it illumines the fundamental nature of poetry itself."—The Wichita Eagle

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