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John Freeman
$17.00 paperback
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John Freeman

As a literary advocate, John Freeman is passionate, clear, analytical, and authoritative. In his first book of poetry, he maps the present by way of the past, drawing upon memories of childhood, family, and former loves. Simultaneously world-wide and intimately domestic, Maps is nostalgic with a cool head, and able to examine a younger time with insightful compassion and grace.

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For Maps, John Freeman

"John [Freeman] delights in and is thoroughly devoted to writing and to books. He is my kind of person."―Louise Erdrich

“At the intersection of art and heart, this magnificent sheaf of voyages leads us through the di- cult and picturesque atlas of a life.... This is an enduring and rapturous account of a life’s journey to plumb the depths of the known in order to reveal the hidden and unknown.” —­D.A. Powell

“What is mapped here, in John Freeman’s exquisite and robust poetry debut, are the territories of loss, pain, violence, and reckoning that make up a life. And also those of love, remembrance, and unabashed passion that make that same life livable. Maps is a consolation and a delight.” —­Tracy K. Smith

“John Freeman’s astonishing book of poems shows us first an America that could once and sometimes still be experienced in a vacuum, removed from the brutal struggles that are the daily life of much of the world. Then he takes us into that world, where human tenderness is martyred and buried, day after day. In Freeman’s hands the most minimal scenes, the smallest gestures, record our persistence and fragility. Disconsolate, loving, burdened by memory, undeceived but somehow still doggedly hopeful, these poems help us to see a world we’re just beginning to map.” —­Mark Doty

"Maps is an intimate cartography departing from mourning. John Freeman—literary critic, editor, writer, and poet—starts from his mother's illness and death and goes on a personal route, both real and imaginary." —Público

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