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Lost Body
Terry Ehret
$11.00 paperback
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Lost Body
Terry Ehret

Terry Ehret's first book explores her sense of estrangement from needs and desires, and often from her own body, as she struggles for identity and definition and the continual recreation of self in intimacy, in motherhood and in language. She comes into language as if wading into a foreign element, taking the reader into myth, memory, dream, sexual desire, and her own imaginative interpretation of ancient hieroglyphic text.

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Selected for the National Poetry Series by Carolyn Kizer.

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For Lost Body, Terry Ehret

"Ehret lyrically captures the primordial concepts of man, woman, nature and dream."—Publishers Weekly

"Terry Ehret is a wonderfully various, resourceful poet. Her play with forms works always towards ease and freedom. Her timing is faultless, a joy in itself; and her fearlessness is exhilarating."—Ursula Le Guin

"Terry Ehret's poetry is vivid, compelling, full of energy...lucid yet mysterious...I salute her achievement. Her poems are one more step for womankind."—Carolyn Kizer

"To read [Ehret's work] is to become invested, repeatedly…at the most serious and disquieting level of song, where one crosses over to the unfamiliar and recognizes it and is changed."—Kathleen Fraser

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