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In the Surgical Theatre
Dana Levin
$14.00 paperback
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In the Surgical Theatre  (paperback)
Dana Levin

Winner of the Honickman First Book Prize. "... at the book's center (and reaching into all the surrounding material) is the surgical theatre, an image, like Plath's bees, metaphorically fertile, its manifold resonances revealed though Levin's extraordinary and demanding intelligence. The danger of such powerful figures is the danger of lesser imagination, imagination content with the first circle of revelation. What in such a smaller talent might have proved repetitious, banal, self-glorifying, is, here, the heart of an astonishing book."–Louise Glück, from the Introduction

(also available in hardbound)
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Winner, 1999 APR/Honickman First Book Prize, selected by Louise Glück

Winner, 2003 PEN/Osterweil Award for Poetry

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For In the Surgical Theatre, Dana Levin

"This fiercely intelligent book is grounded firmly in the realm of American confessional poetry, but Levin wisely and skillfully manipulates conventional boundary lines."—Ploughshares

"Dana Levin's debut collection is nothing short of extraordinary, replacing an anesthetized sort of existence with seeing and feeling."—

"Sensuous, compassionate, violent, extravagant: what an amazing debut this is, a book of terrors and marvels."—Louise Glück

"Dana Levin illuminates all that is true. Using microscopic vision... Dana Levin has crafted an evocative examination of the contents of the human heart... Levin's clarity of perception surges through each line of her poetry like a lightning bolt intent on cracking open not just what we see, but how we see."—Pasatiempo

"Levin writes a harrowing poetry that at times aspires to the unstable intensity of Sylvia Plath and the millennial resonance of TonyKushner."—Publishers Weekly

"Dana Levin's first poetry collection... is a true stunner, alive and pulsing in the reader's hand... Levin has the skilled ear, magnificent tongue and fierce mind of the truly prophetic."—RainTaxi

"To read Dana Levin's first book of poems, In the Surgical Theatre, is to enter a world where... beauty and terror are two sides of the same coin, a world that provokes and challenges a reader's sensibility, ear, and intelligence."—Santa Fe New Mexican

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