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Greenhouses, Lighthouses
Tung-Hui Hu
$16.00 paperback
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Greenhouses, Lighthouses
Tung-Hui Hu

Weaving between the personal and cosmic I, Hu’s lyrics seek the “greenhouse” (a place of saturation, growth) as a poetic space to cultivate new modes through which our common language can once again illuminate and guide (lighthouse) existence and experience. The collection is full of longing for connection with others and something greater than our referential selves, while refusing to name or define what exactly is sought or how to reach it.

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For Greenhouses, Lighthouses, Tung-Hui Hu


Greenhouses, Lighthouses is a provocative gesture toward cinematography... A radiant offering for our times.”—Judges Citation for James D. Phelan Literary Award

“Tung-Hui Hu makes magic of anything he takes in hand, whether it’s architectural theory or cyberspace or poetry”—Linda Gregerson

“This fresh and unexpected poet extends the lyric into the social space without losing any of song's intensity or mystery, so that these casually elegant, affecting poems feel as interior as they are worldly.”—Mark Doty 

"Greenhouses, Lighthouses is rich with double meanings and intellectual speculation. Highly recommended, especially for connoisseurs of inventive and introspective poetry."—Midwest Book Review

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