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Rebecca Seiferle
$14.00 paperback
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Rebecca Seiferle

Winner of the Western States Book Award in Poetry

Bitters is an extended argument with God, driven by the desire to recover what is banished to the marginal and apocryphal. The sonnets (or near-sonnets) of this collection continue the metaphysical meditation which began as an elegy for the poet's father, but Seiferle takes the meditation deeper. "Bitters was written in an uncharacteristic rush of energy," Seiferle notes, "almost furiously within a few months. The rigor of the sonnet form provided a container for what might have remained unsayable."

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Western States Book Award in Poetry, 2002

Pushcart Prize

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For Bitters, Rebecca Seiferle

"Throughout Bitters, Seiferle maintains a quality of inquiry, philosophic intrigue, and poetic discovery. She leaps and always lands on her feet, gracefully. What a find to come upon these stunning poems of this metaphysical poet making extraordinary sense at the edge of the world in Farmington, New Mexico."—Judges' comments on Western States Book Award for Poetry from WESTAF

"Seiferle cuts straight to the emotionally honest kernel within family, spirit and myth."—Publishers Weekly

"There is nothing distasteful about Rebecca Seiferle's newest poetry collection Bitters. Where the ale known as bitters is dark and strong, the 77 poems in this book are revealing and soothing."—Home News Tribune

"Part of what Seiferle uses poetry for is to make the ordinary magical, to imbue events with a sense of transcendence."—The New Mexican

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