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Roads Have Come to an End Now, The
Rolf Jacobsen
$16.00 paperback
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Roads Have Come to an End Now, The
Selected and Last Poems of Rolf Jacobsen
Rolf Jacobsen

Translated from Norwegian by Robert Bly, Roger Greenwald, and Robert Hedin.

Cited as a Top Ten Book of the Year by Booklist magazine and selected for the Book Sense Top Ten Poetry List.

Rolf Jacobsen was one of Europe's most prominent poets. This bilingual collection spans his entire career and includes, for the first time in English, his final poems. An early champion of modernism to Norwegian poetry, Jacobsen writes of smokestacks, billboards, and telephone wires alongside his beloved praises of nature and its small, forgotten things.

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Cited as a Top Ten Book of the Year by Booklist

Selected for the Book Sense Top Ten Poetry List

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For Roads Have Come to an End Now, The, Rolf Jacobsen

"Discovering Jacobsen was a joy."—Czeslaw Milosz

"The translations of Robert Bly, Robert Hedin, and Roger Greenwald... give us a poet of astonishing power and beauty, whose vision of the natural world and humanity's placement in its midst is cosmically penetrative... Reading [Jacobsen's] work induces a certain calm ecstasy about everyday existence."—Booklist (starred review)

"Robert Bly and company deserve cheers for putting these poems, among the world's finest, into the hands of American readers."—Ruminator Review

"[T]his bilingual edition, translated by three poets in their own right, will go far to confirm this poet's honored place in world literature."— Rain Taxi

"'Clarity' is the word that comes to mind—poems like cedar-wind, sweet and strong. A lovely book, and the clean design is fitting."—Jeanne Lohmann, from a "Reader Response" card

"How could a poet of such magnitude have been so ignored by American readers?... The final six poems of this collection—written of and to Jacobsen's dying wife—constitute one of the most moving elegies I've ever read."—Peter Aaron, The Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA (nominating the book for the BookSense 76 listing)

"[Jacobsen's] open-mindedness to the invisible and the conceivable is thoroughly engaging. Warm and thought-provoking, often moving... this finely translated volume makes one impatient for more."—The Antioch Review

"This is the work of a true poet. It is lyrical, direct, and speaks to the heart."—The New Mexican

"... masterful... a ripe, moving collection certain to resonate with a wide array of readers... To read [Jacobsen's] poems is to gain an immediate intuition into the nature of things."—The Wichita Eagle

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