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Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods
Tishani Doshi
$16.00 paperback
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Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods
Tishani Doshi

In her third collection of poetry, Tishani Doshi addresses violence against women by giving abused and silenced bodies a chance to speak at last. Of and for the women that live on, she writes with bold reverence for that which thrives despite the odds―female desire, the aging body, the power of refusal. Doshi reminds us that poetry, at its root, is song―in praise and lament, hopeful and ebbing―calling out for truth and redemption.

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For Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods, Tishani Doshi

“Tishani Doshi… offer[s] an eloquent dissection of the body―its attributes, metaphors, deficiencies and contradictions―all delivered in chromatic, richly textured lines, in which the assured manipulation of rhythm and internal rhyme produces poems of remarkable balance and grace.” ―The Guardian

“Elegiac and fevered, Tishani Doshi’s poems search for ways to make their peace with tide and temporality, with fragility and violence, even as they celebrate that there is really ‘no end to unknowing’.” —Arundhathi Subramaniam

“Doshi's poems have both heart and intelligence. They are rich in mysterious images, and narratives both explicit and implied. You could read them a hundred times and still find something you hadn't noticed before.” ―Louis de Bernieres

“There is a fierce power to Tishani Doshi’s poetry. Delicate as spun silk, it draws us into the zone of desire, even as it opens us to what lies beyond.” ―Meena Alexander

“[Everything Begins Elsewhere] is a book you will cleave to; by the end, so enlightened that you may feel inclined to read it all over again.” ―George Carys Williams, Wales Arts Review

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