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Poem She Didn't Write and Other Poems, The
Olena Kalytiak Davis
$23.00 hardbound
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Poem She Didn't Write and Other Poems, The
Olena Kalytiak Davis

In her first full collection in a decade, Olena Kalytiak Davis revivifies language and makes love offerings to her beloved reader. With a heightened post-confessional directness, she addresses lost love, sexual violence, and confronts aging. In her characteristic syntactical play, sly slips of meaning, and all-out feminism, Davis hyperconsciously erases the rulebook in this memorable collection.

"What makes Davis's work exciting is the feeling it conveys of being "full-famished. / Famished-full," an emotional state with aesthetic ramifications: it sends us ricocheting from line to line and poem to poem looking for sustenance. Here's reason to think that authentic pining in poetry, though hard to come by, is probably necessary for any poet who wishes to become classic." — Dan ChiassonThe New Yorker

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For Poem She Didn't Write and Other Poems, The, Olena Kalytiak Davis

“While poetry is the language of love, it is also the language of love lost, innocence lost, youth lost, and aspirations unfulfilled. It is a language that Olena Kalytiak Davis has truly mastered in all its simplicity.” —Midwest Book Review

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