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Further Adventures in Monochrome
John Yau
$15.00 paperback
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Further Adventures in Monochrome
John Yau

John Yau engages art criticism, social theory, and syntactical dexterity to confront the problems of aging, meaning, and identity. Insisting that “true poets and artists know where language ends, which is why they go there,” Yau presses against the limits of language, creating poems that are at once cryptic, playful, and insightful. Booklist said of his book Forbidden Entries, “Yau tweaks and twists language to express a painful comic vision in which sensual vividness combines with fierce despair.”

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For Further Adventures in Monochrome, John Yau


“Pressing language to its limit—not to mention image, as he evokes the monochromatic painter Yves Klein—Brooklyn Rail arts editor John Yau draws on art criticism and social theory to write engagingly cutting poetry.”—Library Journal

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