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Early Hour
Michael McGriff
$16.00 paperback
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Early Hour
Michael McGriff

A book-length sequence inspired by the Nazi-persecuted German Expressionist painter Karl Hofer’s work, McGriff’s third collection meditates on eros, cosmology, independence, provenance, “occupied territories,” and deviance. Detailed yet indeterminately American landscapes flood with surrealist dream imagery and subtle violence, while the voice of these poems intertwines between the intimately personal and the honestly imagined—all while remaining plainspoken, angular, direct.

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For Early Hour, Michael McGriff

"Look, as an effete urban intellectual I don’t know a bucket of chicken guts from a Buick’s engine block. But I know Real Poetry when I read it; and it’s richly seamed through every tunnel we can possibly mine through this book.”—Albert Goldbarth

"He’s plunging into the depths of some underground waterway in the American psyche — what’s happening to the environment, what’s happening to jobs, what’s happening to families — and rising to the surface to show us the debris.”—Jeff Gordinier, The New York Times

“Michael McGriff, a 2007 Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize winner, brings alive the forests, wildlife, and blue-collar struggles of the Pacific Northwest in Home Burial.”—Library Journal

"McGriff's vision of blue-collar life is one of complication and contradiction, and the poems he makes are authentic, unwavering, and unapologetically American.”—Pitt Poetry Prize

"An intriguing, frequently affecting experiment that challenges its readers to think anew about sharpening and refracting their memories of both life and art."—Kirkus Reviews

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