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Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey
Hayden Carruth
$14.00 paperback
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Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey
Poems, 1991-1995
Hayden Carruth

With passion and pathos and great good humor—in poems that could only be written by a mature poet at the height of his powers—Carruth speaks with intimate and urgent clarity of love late in life. In heart-rending poems he addresses his daughter's struggle against cancer, as well as the loves, friendships, and social concerns of a lifetime. Winner of the National Book Award.

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Winner of the 1996 National Book Award
Featured on Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac

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For Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey, Hayden Carruth

"Amply illustrates the openness and honesty with which Carruth addresses the world, the mixed compassion and outrage with which he responds to it and his continued productivity through a long, distinguished career."—Publishers Weekly

"Contemporary American poetry doesn't get any richer than this."—Booklist (starred review)

"This is a poet whose virtuosity has often resembled the precision of pure math, a way of ordering a world where 'Truly we are / the wise animals. Just not wise enough... ' These new poems linger tenderly on their subjects with the poise of Horace. That love and irony and poetry persevere even as the body fails occasions the grace of this masterly collection."—The New Yorker

"Hayden Carruth's voice is unique in American poetry: disarmingly personal but always informed by an acute historical and political intelligence, linguistically demotic and direct while prosodically complex and diverse."—National Book Award citation

"A part of our country's poetic treasure."—Adrienne Rich

"Technically [Carruth] is a virtuoso."—Galway Kinnell

"The poems in Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey... demonstrate a consistency of voice and quality that has helped make Carruth one of the country's most decorated poets."—Christian Science Monitor

"Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey, the National Book Award winner, extends Carruth's already considerable accomplishment and reveals... the depth and breadth of his sense of humor... These poems... show vigor, rigor, experimental suppleness, and rare candor."—Contemporary Literary Criticism

"[Carruth] has a sound all his own that is adept to any use he turns it to... These are poems without adornment not because Carruth is exhausted, but because he knows so well what he wants to say."—Harvard Review

"[Carruth] is a people's poet, readily understood, a tribune of our common humanity, welfare and plight. As [Carruth himself] said of William Carlos Williams, Carruth has been, more than any other poet of our time, 'one of us, committed to our life, our reality, our enigma'."—The Nation

"Hayden Carruth strides right into his poems. There is no preliminary posing, hedging, elbow-nudging, false bashfulness... He writes with candor, warmth, humor, sometimes outrage, always with sympathy. His language is so clear and his emotions so sincere that they disarm... Carruth shows us how poetry really does matter... "—Poetry

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