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Unraveling at the Name
Jenny Factor
$14.00 paperback
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Unraveling at the Name
Jenny Factor

Unraveling at the Name is a cohesive, inventive, accomplished book by a young poet with a fine ear and a quick mind. Factor is both a romantic poet and a dark modernist who utilizes formal poetic structures to contain subjects as varied as motherhood, eros, the relentless complexities of sexuality, and the unusual act of self-re-creation. Optimistic, searching, and self-unforgiving, Unraveling at the Name is arranged around a central narrative of shifting identities. The book's speaker leaves a heterosexual marriage and begins an exploration of her own sexuality and the difficulties and joys of single working motherhood.

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Hayden Carruth Award

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For Unraveling at the Name, Jenny Factor

"Factor [has the] ability to make form sing with idiosyncrasy."—Poetry

"Unraveling at the Name contains poems of intelligence, intensity and irresistible language framed in delicious, deliberate poetic form."—Lambda Book Report

"The poems in Jenny Factor's first book are special since at every level they illuminate cultural constructs using poetical constructs."—88: A journal of Contemporary Poetry

"Here is a new voice accomplished both in mind and music... a poet with perfect pitch in her mother tongue."—Marilyn Hacker

"Unraveling at the Name is an amazing, extraordinary, gorgeous book. These are the best sonnets I've seen in ages. Tight and crafty and subtle and cruel and muscular and inventive and Real. The needs, the situations, the analyses of the situations, the rue, the regret, the loss, the gain, the heat, the scenes, the rose the thorns. The non-sonnets are pretty terrific too."—Alicia Ostriker

"Jenny Factor's often deceptively casual poems wear their prosodic mastery lightly, combining formal fluency and personal urgency, fulfilling a will to make form out of feeling."—Reginald Shepard

"Layering her poems with charm, formal skill, and engaging humor, Jenny Factor's first book carries the challenges of single motherhood memorably into poetry."—Annie Finch

"Unraveling at the Name is an impressive debut."—Gay and Lesbian Review

"Unraveling at the Name by Jenny Factor [reveals] an impressive formal skill and a wonderful ear for the lyric [that] combine with an emotional urgency to create fresh and deeply personal poems."—Online Athens

"... a reader can’t help being awed by Factor's proficiency with language and moved by the honest, engaging retellings which are these poems."—Pif Magazine

"Unraveling at the Name is erotic, humorous, tender and painful. Jenny Factor moves beyond mere confessionalism, allowing others to experience what she has experienced by using language that is direct and clear without being banal or boring. This is a promising first book."—Contemporary Poetry Review

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