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By the Numbers
James Richardson
$16.00 paperback
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By the Numbers
James Richardson

For James Richardson, poetry is serious and speculative play for both intellect and imagination. By the Numbers is striking for its range of line and movement, for its microlyrics, crypto-quatrains, "ten second essays," and the twist and snap of its aphorisms.  Drawing from myriad fables—Ovidian, Shakespearean, georgic and scientific—Richardson makes familiar scenes strange enough to provoke new and startling insights.

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2010 National Book Award finalist

On Publishers Weekly list of best books of 2010

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For By the Numbers, James Richardson

“[By the Numbers] is a feast in its variety; there is a range of forums wherein our narrator finds himself haunted and perplexed by his own disappearing life, by his own memories and losses. He tries to shape them into something like meaning. But in the end, he does not so much seek wisdom, but finds himself charmed by the idea of wisdom. He is compelled by human need. By the Numbers is a book of incredible sympathy.”Coldfront 

"[O]ne of America's most distinctive contemporary poets."—Boston Review

"James Richardson's poetry is... unusual, quirky, person, and profound."—The Threepenny Review

"Richardson is the best aphorist writing in English, and he's a hell of a poet, too. Both forms are represented in this wonderful book."—Publishers Weekly

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