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Only Bread, Only Light
Stephen Kuusisto
$14.00 paperback
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Only Bread, Only Light
Stephen Kuusisto

In Only Bread, Only Light, Stephen Kuusisto creates a world in which mortal vision is uncertain, supported only by curiosity and the ardor of imagination, by the grace of lyric surprise. Exploiting the seeming contradiction of poetry's reliance upon visual imagery with his own blindness, Kuusisto cultivates a world of listening to nature, to the voices of family and strangers, to music, and to the worlds of great writers and thinkers. Sensually rich and detailed, Kuusisto's poems are humorous, complex, and intellectually engaged.




Barnes & Noble Nook Edition

Only Bread, Only Light - Stephen Kuusisto

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For Only Bread, Only Light, Stephen Kuusisto

"Ultimately, Kuusisto's meditations on his condition, and gratitude for the mind's inner eye, remind readers that vision takes many forms, and that feelings of being lost and alone are intrinsic to human nature."—Booklist

"A powerful writer."—The New York Times

"I have been searching for some of his poetry since I read Planet of the Blind. He is a gifted and sensitive writer."—Erin Malone, from a "Reader Comment" card

"In [Kuusisto's] poems, works of spare and musing beauty... each word is set as carefully on the page as a footstep blindly taken in an unknown place... Music is a constant presence, and the tenuousness of being, a feeling made all the more daunting by sightlessness, is a steady preoccupation. But Kuusisto's poems are exquisitely visual, too, even as the poet moves 'through space/ With hands outstretched.'"—Booklist

"Though [Kuusisto] calls himself  'a fool of the night seasons,'... these poems... are filled with light, with careful and startling images, and with a fine appreciation for the senses."—

"Copper Canyon is putting out some stunning verse... and Only Bread, Only Light is a wonderful addition to their catalogue. It's a fine book, full of Kuusisto's careful writing, love for images and supple, capable language."—The Ithaca Times

"Kuusisto's poetry is spare, reflective, with an intense quality of listening to the world."—

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