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Fungus Skull Eye Wing: selected poems of Alfonso D'Aquino
Alfonso D'Aquino
$17.00 paperback
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Fungus Skull Eye Wing: selected poems of Alfonso D'Aquino
Bilingual edition
Alfonso D'Aquino

Impeccably translated from Spanish by the award-winning poet Forrest Gander, fungus skull eye wing is a book of liquid perspective and butoh-like gestures. Shifting along the margins of rational perception, D'Aquino's poetry "draws us into dialogue with the world." His language morphs into his observations: speech comes alive while the living world becomes speech in what Richard Howard calls "the most vivid and satisfying new poetry from Mexico that I have ever encountered."

D'Aquino has, since childhood, writes Gander in his introduction, been "fascinated by the nonhuman." Presented bilingually, fungus skull eye wing is "not 'nature poetry' as topic and commentary, but poetry as exploration (both formal and thematic) of the relationships between nature and culture, body and feeling, language and perception."

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For Fungus Skull Eye Wing: selected poems of Alfonso D'Aquino, Alfonso D'Aquino

“This is the first bilingual collection by the Mexican master of nature poems, D’Aquino…A necessary read for fans of Hart Crane, Jack Spicer, and Latin American poetry in translation.”—Booklist

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