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Dean Young
$26.00 hardbound
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New & Selected Poems
Dean Young

In Bender, Dean Young's collection of new and selected poetry, readers are given an array of Young's prolific, inimitable work. Included here are pieces of different length, structure, style, form and content. While the sources of the poetry in this collection are from several different books, Young's style stays consistently inconsistent. It is this incongruity that benefits and frees Young's work from poetic constraints. Bender gives readers opportunity to see Young's surreal word-play and witness Young, through the course of his career, become an iconoclastic force in American poetry.




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Bender - Dean Young



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Best of 2012, The Los Angeles Times

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For Bender, Dean Young

"After 10 books over 20-odd years, Young has become one of our most imitated poets: his jocular jumps from topic to topic, debts to Surrealist dream-logic, mixture of postmodern oddity, stand-up comedy and weighty pathos land his work somewhere between John Ashbery (to whom Young owes much) and Billy Collins (whose affability Young shares)." —Publishers Weekly

"Young revitalizes the lyric by reminding us that Art must never be less explosive and majestic and joyous than Life, lest it not only be no temporary substitute for Life but also no fitting representation of (or challenge to) life's regularities and irregularities. Bender will make you laugh, reflect, and marvel at how the contrary impulses and instantiations of both Life and Art can so readily be distilled in the sensibilities of a single man, orin the case of Bendera single book." The Huffington Post

"Dean Young's 'Bender: New & Selected Poems' provides a direct experience with all the stunning possibilities of language at its most sublime."The Journal

 "Dean Young is one of the finest poets to come through Seattle in several years, with work that speaks right down into the gullet of the contemporary."—The Stranger

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