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Everything Begins Elsewhere
Tishani Doshi
$16.00 paperback
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Everything Begins Elsewhere
Tishani Doshi

Throughout Tishani Doshi's second book of poems, Everything Begins Elsewhere, human bodies take center stage, antagonized both by intimate physical limitations and by the borders of space and time. Like the ocean waves gathering and breaking in Doshi's poem "Lesson 2: Learning Mudras in Bhutan" we experience the coming together and moving apart intrinsic to the cycles of love and relationship.

In these lithe poems, Doshi, a true citizen of the world who is also a celebrated dancer and novelist, navigates the modern era of cross-cultural contact. As much about reclamation as loss, her poems assert exhilaratingly that through the act of vanishing, we may be shaped into existence again.





Barnes & Noble Nook Edition Adobe DRM Edition

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For Everything Begins Elsewhere, Tishani Doshi

"In structure as in sense, Doshi works to trouble fixed categories even as she sometimes seeks their aid; the result is an invigorating, thought-provoking collection which, like the dancing Doshi loves, enlivens soul and senses, sharpening responses to both 'the music of uncertainty' and 'the aftertaste of rain'." -Miriam Gamble, The Guardian

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