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Transparence of the World
Jean Follain
$14.00 paperback
Out of stock
Transparence of the World
Jean Follain

In this bilingual edition, celebrated poet W.S. Merwin selects and translates the best poetry from nine books by French poet Jean Follain.

Follain's poems are "miniatures" that reveal a sense of the monumental pressures of history encountered in a moment. Through these incandescent translations, his sparse portraits are powerful revelations of mortality as glimpsed in a passing glance.

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For Transparence of the World, Jean Follain

"Sometimes, the watchful poet's mood matches that of the moment. And, when it does, something resonant occurs... Jean Follain [is] a French poet whose work—written between the World Wars—speaks to the current historical situation with an almost aching relevance."—Los Angeles Times

"From El Cid to Euripides, Chanson de Roland to Jean Follain, Latin to Russian to Japanese, translator [W.S. Merwin]'s oeuvre suggests an intrepid quality as well as a scrutinizing sympathy."—Boston Review

"W.S. Merwin ranks as one of the world's premier translators, bringing a refined sense of imagery, diction and music to the texts of poets as diverse as Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda and the lesser-known Frenchman Jean Follain."—The Wichita Eagle

"W.S. Merwin's translation of selected poems of French poet Jean Follain navigates these difficult waters in renderings that tastefully balance Follain's unique imagistic language with elegant expressiveness... Follain's intimate, almost hermetic landscapes are rendered by Merwin like precise Vermeers imbued with the somnolent power of De Chirico."—Rain Taxi

"[Transparence of the World] is subtle, spare, oddly specific, and deepens with rereading."—The Bloomsbury Review

"[Merwin's translation] can be praised for bringing—so fluently—such beautiful and enigmatic poems into our language... Follain's poetry still has much to say to our troubled times."—Chelsea 75

"[Transparence of the World] is an aesthetic pleasure."—Vigilance

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