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One Above and One Below
Erin Belieu
$14.00 paperback
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One Above and One Below
New Poems
Erin Belieu

This follow-up to her debut volume Infanta (which won the National Poetry Series) has a pointed urgency and direct, artful voice. Alternating between an urban and rural sensibility, between the ironic and empathic, the poems' voices also have a note of a curious, restless young woman resisting the bubble of traditional female roles, pre-selected emotions, and gender-appropriate responses.

Included in Writer's Digest listing of Ten Poets to Watch, April 2000

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For One Above and One Below, Erin Belieu

"In this new volume, Belieu has met and exceeded the expectations of her early readers."—Boston Book Review

"Belieu has a youthful, upbeat spirit... a young poet worth watching."—Library Journal

"Belieu fits a form to every theme... necessary, valuable."—Publishers Weekly

"Belieu's poems use a vernacular of their own to suggest a noir world of erotic innuendo and red lights waiting to be run."—Neon

"I love the combination of lyricality and cynicism, tenderness and toughness in [Belieu's] work."—Ann Fisher-Wirth, Oxford Eagle

"Attentive to the measure of language, Belieu's writing is precise… Belieu's voice is as strong and versatile in this second collection as it was in her acclaimed first book, Infanta."—Rain Taxi

"Unsentimental and unsparing… [One Above and One Below] appeals and astonishes with its well-wrought balance of wit, wonder and formal control."—Antioch Review

"Belieu's voice is altogether distinct. Here is a poet that [sic] can move with graces and ease… in a voice that seems at times part Emily Dickinson, part Courtney Love… that is always ready to surprise, to astonish and, ultimately, to defy comparison."—Boston Book Review

"In Belieu's new poems, there are no answers, only questions that cut us to the quick… Hers is a veil-piercing, illusion-dissembling language."—Harvard Review

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