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Talking to My Body
Anna Swir
$16.00 paperback
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Talking to My Body
Anna Swir

Co-translated by Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz and Leonard Nathan, with an introduction by Milosz, Anna Swir herself said "A poet should be as sensitive as an aching tooth." Anna Swir (1909-1984), one of Poland's most distinguished poets was open in her feminism and eroticism, her poetry exploring the life of the female body from dread to delight, from the depths of agony during WWII to delirious sensual delights, and always with relentless honesty.

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For Talking to My Body, Anna Swir

"As Czeslaw Milosz says, 'Her poetry is about not being identical with one's body, about sharing its joys and pains and still rebelling against its laws.' The poems delight in all things physical, painting a passionate picture of the soul as a reified, pulsating entity that argues with the body."—San Francisco Review

"Talking to My Body is an extremely rewarding book... Her best poems are so original as to deliver that mild shock we've come to recognize as real poetry."—Boston Book Review

"What is the central theme of these poems? Answer: Flesh. Flesh in love and ecstasy, in pain, in terror, flesh afraid of loneliness, giving birth, resting, feeling the flow of time or reducing time to one instant. By such a clear delineation of her subject matter, Anna Swir achieves in her sensual, fierce poetry a nearly calligraphic neatness."—Czeslaw Milosz, from the introduction

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