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Made Flesh
Craig Arnold
$14.00 paperback
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Made Flesh
Craig Arnold

"'Oh how the heart flares,' Arnold writes, 'and melts like wax spilling over a candle's lip': both the flares, and the excess, find the right voice in this wild second book...[which] might be the strangest and most instinctively powerful poetry book of the season, with sequences neither (quite) lyric nor narrative, but erotic and ever alert. Few who admired the clean forms of Arnold’s Yale Younger Poets Award-winning debut, Shells, could have predicted the delayed depth charge of this explosive second book, motored by vividly earthly language and disguised philosophical sophistication… Arnold records 'all the speechless gestures of admiration / of those early in love who aren’t yet / careful to say so much and no further.' Arnold, by contrast, nearly says it all."—Publishers Weekly

Made Flesh won the 2008 Utah Book Award and the 2009 High Plains Book Award.

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For Made Flesh, Craig Arnold

"When I read Craig Arnold's extraordinary Made Flesh, I thought: This is the hope of the future—or at least poetry's future. Read this elegant, raw, beautiful and unforgettable book."—Francine Prose

"Energetic, cool, and stylish. He should have been a gang-leader."—Thom Gunn

"The readers delighted with (Arnold's) first book (Shells) will be differently enchanted with these. They contain a wealth of contemplation as well as observation and experience. Their unpunctuated free style carries the reader into the poems, piling up events and details in a breathless rush...The poems of Made Flesh are unforgettable, and it is tragic that readers will have no new books from Craig Arnold."—Magill Book Reviews

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