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Library of Small Catastrophes
Alison C. Rollins
$16.00 paperback
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Library of Small Catastrophes
Alison C. Rollins

Library of Small Catastrophes, Alison C. Rollins’s ambitious debut collection, interrogates the body and nation as storehouses of countless tragedies. Drawing from Jorge Luis Borges’ fascination with the library, Rollins uses the concept of the archive to offer a lyric history of the ways in which we process loss. “Memory is about the future, not the past,” she writes, and rather than shying away from the anger, anxiety, and mourning of her narrators, Rollins’s poetry seeks to challenge the status quo, engaging in a diverse, boundary-defying dialogue with an ever-present reminder of the ways race, sexuality, spirituality, violence, and American culture collide.

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For Library of Small Catastrophes, Alison C. Rollins

“A collection of poetry which is magnificently crafted, readable, and crucially important.” —New York Journal of Books

“In poem after poem, Rollins demonstrates that she is finding her own way, shining a light, making darkness apparent.” —Publishers Weekly

“Sparkles with compassionate intelligence...” —Adroit Journal

“In Library of Small Castastrophes, Alison C. Rollins cements her place as a critical voice in contemporary poetry.” —Muzzle Magazine

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