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Copper Canyon Press is engaged in a vibrant community of readers, writers, artists, educators, reviewers, booksellers, and book lovers. Below are some of the key partners in helping us do what we do: Publish extraordinary poetry books.

Poets. They are the heart of the Press. They write what we read. Copper Canyon publishes hundreds of poets—from Nobel laureates to first-book poets. Our poets can be found here.

Poetry Readers. Our favorite people on the planet. They can be found everywhere, and we love to know what they’re thinking about our books and poems. If you’re a poetry reader, please make yourself at home, read some poems. And please tell us what you think. You’ll find a “post your own comment” button on each book page.

Educators. Our books are taught in hundreds of courses, from high school to graduate school. If you are an educator, and wish to consider teaching one of our books, please contact the press to order an exam copy: or give us a call toll-free: 877-501-1393 during regular business hours.

Librarians. Deep bows to librarians everywhere. Many of our books are reviewed in Library Journal and Booklist and find their way into public and academic libraries all over the country. 

Booksellers. One of the great thrills of publishing books is finding them in bookstores… and then watching readers buy them. Thanks to Christine, John, Rick, Jan, Paul, Chris, and the hundreds of others who, when asked by a customer what book of poetry they should read, often guide them to a book with the Chinese character for “poetry” on the spine.

Donors. As a nonprofit publisher, we ask our readers to help fund the mission. We have nearly 1000 donors from 48 states. Please join us!

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