Announcing Copper Canyon Press’s Spring/Summer 2023 Publishing Season

We are delighted to announce the publication of eleven new books of astounding poetry in spring/summer 2023:

Skeletons, Deborah Landau (April 2023)

Dancing with the Dead: The Essential Red Pine, Red Pine (April 2023)

To 2040, Jorie Graham (April 2023)

Before the Borderless: Dialogues with the Art of Cy Twombly, Dean Rader (April 2023)

West: A Translation, Paisley Rekdal (May 2023)

Deal: New and Selected Poems, Randall Mann (May 2023)

Overland, Natalie Eilbert (May 2023)

Things I Didn’t Do with This Body, Amanda Gunn (May 2023)

Water Look Away, Bob Hicok (August 2023)

Braided Creek: A Conversation in Poetry: Expanded Anniversary Edition, Ted Kooser and Jim Harrison (August 2023)

The Book of Light: Anniversary EditionLucille Clifton (August 2023)