Qingping Wang

Born in 1962, Quingping Wang studied at Beijing University from 1983–87 and majored in Chinese literature. He has been with the People’s Literature Publishing House since 1987, where he became the fiction and poetry editor in 2002. Wang has edited a long list of collections including the Blue Star Poetry Library, with works of Hai Zi, Shi Zhi, Xi Chuan, Wang Jiaxin, Xiao Kaiyu, and Sun Wenbo. Other series he edited include Selected Poems by Famous Contemporary Chinese Poets, The World of Poems Series, and China Literature Library. As a poet, Wang first saw his work Cobblestones published in Yuhua Magazine of Nanjing in 1982. In 1996, he won the Liu Li’an Poetry Award, at that time China’s most prestigious award for a young poet. A collection of his work, The Same Group of People, was published in 2007. His works can be found in many Chinese poetry books, literature and poetry magazines, and poetry websites.

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Liu Li’an Poetry Award, 1996