Push Open the Window

Qingping Wang, ed.

Forty-nine of China’s finest contemporary poets are represented in this luminous bilingual anthology, produced as part of the National Endowment for the Arts’s International Literary Exchanges. Profoundly influenced by the Cultural Revolution, the poets’ work reflects the turmoil of that time—from the blunt and sharply focused political work of Bai Hua and Yu Jian to the hermetic images and landscapes of the Misty poets.

ISBN: 9781556593307

Format: Paperback

About the Editor

Born in 1962, Quingping Wang studied at Beijing University from 1983–87 and majored in Chinese literature. He has been with the People’s Literature Publishing House since 1987, where he became the fiction and poetry editor in 2002. Wang has edited a long list of collections including the Blue Star Poetry Library, with works of Hai Zi, Shi Zhi, Xi Chuan, Wang Jiaxin, Xiao Kaiyu, and Sun Wenbo. Other series he edited include Selected Poems by Famous Contemporary Chinese Poets, The …

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“The poets included in this anthology have worked in factories, in editorial houses, on farms, in universities… Almost all of them steeped themselves in translations of poetry from abroad; some translate or edit or write criticism. Drawing from fresh sources, from a sense of their place in an international community, they are making Chinese poetry new. And, happily for those of us who don’t read Chinese, Copper Canyon is making that body of work available to English-language readers. Here is a thrilling slice of Chinese poetry in the Age of Globalization. Open wide.” —Forrest Gander, from the Foreword