Particles: New & Selected Poems

Dan Gerber

Into a frenzied world that hurtles ever faster somewhere, Dan Gerber’s poetry offers a necessary and reflective presence. Drawing upon eight previous collections, and including a book-length selection of new poems, this retrospective tunes its senses to the natural world and a provenance that includes the influence of Buddhism, English Romanticism, and a deep reading of Rainer Maria Rilke’s oeuvre. Pastoral and expansive, Gerber’s poetry is concerned with the universe just outside each of our windows—the immediately viewable landscape in front of us and the mysterious vastness beyond.

ISBN: 9781556595257

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Dan Gerber is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry, fiction, essays, and memoir. He has received the Society of Midland Authors Award, The Mark Twain Award, the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year award in poetry, a Michigan Notable Book Award, the Michigan Author Award, and inclusion in The Best American Poetry, and American Life in Poetry.

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“Dan Gerber tenderly reels his readers through the ‘beautiful movie’ he calls the passing of time on earth in a language completely unadorned and Zen-like in its quietude. The thing itself carries the weight of these poems, which recall the deep imagery of Vallejo, Neruda and Wright.” —Rain Taxi

“Gerber has a gentle touch and an unaffected, articulate voice that can be smart, funny, wise—sometimes all at the same time.” —Library Journal

“These are beautiful meditative poems of surprise and wonder fully engaged with the world of experience, which he regards with a sacramental reverence.” —Mark Arendt, judge for the Society of Midland Authors Book of the Year Award in Poetry, 2013

“[Gerber’s] poetry explores everyday experiences and images, successfully converting them into something unique and magical.” —Library of Michigan

“[Gerber’s] evocations are clearly, simply rendered with an almost Zen-like kind of meditative transcendence.” —Fallon Eagle Standard

“[Gerber] is one of the most adept and accessible of the poets who explore the meaning of humans, relation with earth and existence itself.” —Foreword