Stranger on Earth

Richard Jones

Richard Jones’s prodigious volume travels the wide arc of a lifetime in Proustian detail. He remembers a peripatetic upbringing, travels to London and Paris, separation from and reunion with his wife in the Italian countryside, morning tea with his daughter and trail runs with his sons, flights with a pioneering aviator father and conversations with a deaf mother. “Impossible task, staying alive,” Jones writes, and yet a perspicacious examination of the life we have lived yields clarity and enrichment. Finding poetry in what went before, Stranger on Earth opens the door to what Proust called “those dwelling-places deep within us that we would not have known how to enter.”

ISBN: 9781556595356

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Throughout his career, Richard Jones has written from a luminous interiority, in deceptively simple, elegant language. His complex and intimate poems are spare, intentional models of clarity and restraint. Yet the formal quietness and the clear style belie neither the poetry’s soulfulness nor the poet’s intelligence; rather, such lucidity attains a kind of radiance. Richard Jones’s sixteen books include Apropos of Nothing (Copper Canyon, 2006), The Correct Spelling & Exact Meaning (Copper Canyon, 2010), and Stranger on Earth (Copper Canyon, …

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“With little irony, Jones braves unconcealed sincerity and succeeds—poem to poem—to move us; moreover, he does so with a light hand: with lucid, honest reflections and quiet endings.” —Green Linden Press

“Jones is nothing if not sincere, and his fluent free verse and glowing prose poems pursue some very traditional goals… [and] beauty and mystery are what he finds, commemorating parents and friends, contemplating the art of poetry, and celebrating his young children…” —Publishers Weekly

“Skillful, direct, and surprisingly delicate.” —Village Voice

“A poet of uncommon perceptual gifts.” —Library Journal