The End of Michelangelo

Dan Gerber 

Forthcoming October 2022

Reading the poetry of Dan Gerber, we are summoned to the larger truth: We are alive on a wondrous planet afflicted by human misuse. As T.H. White suggests, we can’t save the earth if we don’t savor it. In these poems, there is plenty to savor—the beauty of a face, the light falling on it—and plenty of terror, loss, and dread. The End of Michelangelo is the product of the fundamental human desire to make a Thing to hold experience even when we are no longer ourselves. Dan Gerber writes with a mind made new again, in poetry revivified by a late-life perspective.

ISBN: 9781556596599

Format: Paperback

About the Author

Dan Gerber is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry, fiction, essays, and memoir. He has received the Society of Midland Authors Award, The Mark Twain Award, the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year award in poetry, a Michigan Notable Book Award, the Michigan Author Award, and inclusion in The Best American Poetry, and American Life in Poetry.

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