Editor's Circle

Thank you for your interest in joining the Editor’s Circle, a group of supporters who are:

  • Passionate in their love of the arts
  • Visionary in the possibilities for poetry
  • Generous in support of an award-winning publisher

Membership in the Editor’s Circle is open to interested donors who make an annual gift of at least $5,000.

Editor’s Circle Benefits

In gratitude for their visionary support, Editor’s Circle members receive:

  • Acknowledgement in every title that Copper Canyon Press publishes.
  • Invitations to exclusive readings and events.
  • Periodic “behind-the-scenes” communiques from our Executive Editor to gain insight—and an insider’s view—into the curatorial process at Copper Canyon.
  • And best of all, copies of every book Copper Canyon Press publishes.

Thank you so much for your consideration and generosity. You can make your gift by completing the form. Or you can make your gift by contacting George Knotek, Co-Publisher at (360) 385-4925 x103 or george@coppercanyonpress.org.