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Dear Life
Foreword by Seamus Heaney O’Driscoll’s last book, which focuses largely on mortality in a consumerist world, seemingly foreshadows his own premature death on December 24, 2012....
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Arthur Sze
Arthur  Sze  has published nine books of original poetry, including Compass Rose (2014), which was honored as a Pulitzer Prize finalist, as well as The Ginkgo Light  (2009), Quipu...
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Brenda Shaughnessy
Brenda Shaughnessy was born in Okinawa, Japan and grew up in Southern California. She is the author of  Our Andromeda (Copper Canyon Press, 2012), Human Dark with Sugar (Copper...
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Natalie Diaz
Natalie Diaz, a member of the Mojave and Pima Indian tribes, attended Old Dominion University on a full athletic scholarship. After playing professional basketball in Austria, Portugal, Spain,...
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Tomas Morin
Toma s Q. Morín's poems have appeared in  New England Review ,  Narrative ,  Boulevard ,   Slate ,  and   Best New Poets . He has...
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In Bender, Dean Young's collection of new and selected poetry, readers are given an array of Young's prolific, inimitable work. Included here are pieces of different length, structure, style,...
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Tishani Doshi
Tishani Doshi was born in Madras, India in 1975. She received her Master's in writing from John Hopkins University and worked in London in advertising before returning to India in 2001. At...
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When My Brother Was an Aztec
In When My Brother Was An Aztec , Natalie Diaz examines memory’s role in human identity. Each section filters memory through specific individuals and settings. The first...
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Help Publish The Essential W.S. Merwin

Join Copper Canyon Press in publishing The Essential W.S. Merwin, a collection of the very best poems by one of our most beloved poets. You’ll help to sustain the legacy of a great American writer: an irreplaceable voice of contemplation, witness, and love. The Essential W.S. Merwin will distill the poet’s lifework down to a single, approachable paperback volume.

Watch our Kickstarter video here:  The Essential W.S. Merwin

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Shadow Of Sirius, The

by W. S. Merwin

Merwin accomplishes with language what few poets have or can - he often gives words new meaning they never had before and may never have again, with a simplicity and apparent ease that#

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