Line / Break | Season 2 with Tishani Doshi

Line / Break is an interview series that goes off the page and into the homes and minds of our beloved poets. We’re been carrying on the dream, sharing the dream, of Line / Break Season 1’s former host, Laura Buccieri, of wanting to see more poets represented on screen, talking shop, answering questions, and taking us behind the scenes of how they do what they do. So we’re giving them a call, and bringing those conversations to you. New episodes, hosted by Publicist Ryo Yamaguchi, will launch weekly in spring and summer.

We’re back with Season 2 of Line / Break! Season 2 launches with award winning writer and dancer Tishani Doshi. In this episode, Tishani talks about the timeless universe of poetry and how to build sanctuary in a fearsome world with our host, Copper Canyon Press Publicist Ryo Yamaguchi.