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Marvin Bell
$18.00 paperback
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Nightworks  (paperback)
Poems 1962-2000
Marvin Bell

A major collection from one of American poetry's true innovators. Combining twenty new poems with selections from his previous volumes, Nightworks amply demonstrates why Bell's voice has been continually praised for its lucidity and eloquence.

(also available in hardbound)
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For Nightworks, Marvin Bell

"One of our finest and most acclaimed poets."—Booklist

"Bell has redefined poetry as it is being practiced today."—The Georgia Review

"Nightworks is a revelation. Gathered together, these poems are like the illuminated map of a powerful inner life, an imagination driven to understand its own powers and limitations in order to earn a place in a death-haunted and contingent universe."—A Bookworm

"A lovely book. Marvin Bell is a muse of his own."—James Naiden, from a "Reader Comment" card

"Bell renders refreshingly unpredictable the passage from one image or idea to the next. Odd transitions convey an essential quality of his sensibility and vision... Bell's poems, beyond their formal mastery, constitute an admirable project whose interrogations run deep."—Poetry

"Nightworks is a revelation. Gathered together, these poems are like the illuminated map of a powerful inner life."—Water Stone

"Nightworks reminds us just how distinctive Marvin Bell's voice has been all along—how prophetic, how candid, how rigorously philosophical. To recognize the voice of an important and well-established poet, and then to hear in it something new, enlarges our understanding of what poetry can do."—Judith Kitchen, Georgia Review

"... a genuine treat."—North American Review

"To partake of Nightworks, to discover the journey that Marvin Bell has taken, is to be constantly amazed."—James Naiden, North Stone Review

"Bell has collected his best poetry in this impressive volume. The pieces exemplify his wit and his skilled, imaginative leaps... One thing that unites these works... is Bell's passion for exploring the traces of paradox in languages, culture, and nature."—Virginia Quarterly Review

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