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Guide to Capturing a Plum Blossom
Bill Porter (aka Red Pine)
$16.00 paperback
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Guide to Capturing a Plum Blossom
Bill Porter (aka Red Pine)

In this revised bilingual edition of a beloved text, renowned translator and essayist Red Pine combines years of research in Eastern art and philosophy with his own light-hearted wit to illuminate this historic Confucian work. Sung Po-jen’s Guide to Capturing a Plum Blossom, first published in AD 1238, is presented here in its original form as a series of woodblock prints, along with Red Pine’s delicate, graceful, and learned translations.

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For Guide to Capturing a Plum Blossom, Bill Porter (aka Red Pine)

“Red Pine’s out-of-the-mainstream work is canny and clearheaded, and it has immeasurably enhanced Zen/Taoist literature and practice.”Kyoto Journal

“I agree with the publisher of the 1261 edition. You enjoy this book the way you enjoy sugar cane: ‘the longer you chew, the better it tastes.’”—Frederick Franck, author of The Zen of Seeing and Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing


“To really listen to the music or the poetry of another is to empty the mind, or to have a pure mind, able to reflect the true experience. The mountain hermit/poets of Tang Dynasty China describe a pure, distilled and immediate grasp of reality. Red Pine’s translations allow us an undistorted access to this experience.”Dragon’s Mouth

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