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Shape of the Journey, The
Jim Harrison
$20.00 paperback
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Shape of the Journey, The
New and Collected Poems
Jim Harrison

From visionary lyrics and meditative suites to poems inspired by Russian suicides and scandalous Zen monks, Jim Harrison amply demonstrates why Booklist named The Shape of the Journey a "Top Ten Book of the Year." He is clearly one of our masters.

This volume provides a sweeping review, including Harrison's out-of-print work from eight previous books, together with a major suite of new poems.




Amazon Kindle Edition Adobe DRM Edition

Barnes & Noble Nook Edition


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Featured on Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac

Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize

Selected by the Academy of American Poets Book Club

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For Shape of the Journey, The, Jim Harrison

"He equates writing poetry with creating cave paintings or petroglyphs, so intrinsically human is the urge to express the life of the soul, and his poems do make the temporal timeless."—Booklist, starred review

"This is poetry worth loving, hating, and fighting over."—The New York Times Book Review

"It is hard-boiled poetry, some of the best of its kind, and one is not surprised to know that Harrison has written very tough novels... His poetic vision is at the heart of it all."—Hayden Carruth, Harper's

"An untrammeled renegade genius... Here is a poet talking to you instead of around himself, while doing absolutely brilliant and outrageous things with language."—Publishers Weekly

"While since 1971 much of Harrison's energy has been consumed by his work as a novelist and screenwriter, he continues to write a poetry that defies current trends and conventions."—The Midwest Quarterly

"Harrison's essential honesty is deeply affecting... a moving body of work."—Library Journal

"This brilliant poetry from an essential poet... will speak to you on a multitude of levels."—Inside/Outside Magazine

"The most obvious strength in Jim Harrison's The Shape of the Journey is diversity... Harrison's gift for sharp, original and easily understood imagery is present throughout his poetic career... Harrison's voice is resoundingly American... All readers of poetry will find this a work worth exploring more than once, a book worthy of close study and reflection."—Magill Book Reviews

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