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Mountain Poems of Stonehouse, The
Bill Porter (aka Red Pine)
$17.00 paperback
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Mountain Poems of Stonehouse, The
Bill Porter (aka Red Pine)

Stonehouse was a fourteenth-century Buddhist monk who became a mountain hermit at the age of forty. His poems ring with beauty and clarity as they illuminate a life at the extremes of austerity and satisfaction, and in this revised bilingual Chinese-English edition, the award-winning translator Red Pine recovers Stonehouse's captivating spirit. Lighthearted and witty, devout and profound, The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse is a joy to read again and again.

"I love Stonehouse's heart," says Red Pine, and this love infuses his scholarship. His decades of immersion in Eastern art and philosophy inform his essential running commentaries as well as the revised preface.



Barnes&Noble Nook Edition

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For Mountain Poems of Stonehouse, The, Bill Porter (aka Red Pine)

"The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse [is] a tough-spirited book of enlightened free verse."—Kyoto Journal" 

"Red Pine introduces Western readers to both the text itself and the traditions it has inherited."—Virginia Quarterly Review

“Red Pine’s succinct and informative notes for each poem are core samples of the cultural, political, and literary history of China.”—Asian Reporter

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