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“Poetry, at its best, is the language your soul would speak,
if you could teach your soul to speak.”—Jim Harrison          
Subscribing Patrons  

As a Subscribing Patron of Copper Canyon Press you are a major force for publishing poetry.

You enable Copper Canyon Press to bring poetry books to readers like you who need them. Books of poems that evoke the language of your soul, stir your heart, and inspire your imagination.

Copper Canyon brings you books of the highest aesthetic and cultural significance that manifest this mission in the lives of readers: poetry is vital to language and living.

Becoming a Subscribing Patron will enrich your library and your life—or those of a loved one—with today’s most diverse, engaging poetry.

And you will be supporting a genuine rarity in America: a poetry-only, nonprofit publisher with a 40+ year history of dedication to language.

Patron Subscriptions are available at the following levels:

  • Friend of the Press ($1,000+): You or a friend will receive signed copies all of Copper Canyon Press’s new publications—typically 18-20 books—for one year.
  • Publisher’s Associate ($2,000+): You or a friend will receive Copper Canyon Press’s annual collection and select up to three hand-printed, limited edition letterpress broadsides.
  • Editor’s Circle ($5,000+): In addition to your subscription, you will receive behind-the-scenes insights into the curatorial process and semi-annual dinners with the Executive Editor where the Editor’s Circle honorarium is given to a Copper Canyon poet. Find out about more about the benefits of the Editor’s Circle.
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Our family has always spoken, read and written poetry, and openly valued it. Last week, my daughter texted me a photo of her garden in Portland where, next to the birdbath, she had laid stones engraved with these words from Gerard Manley Hopkins’s poem “Windhover”:

“My heart in hiding stirred for a bird.”

My heart in hiding stirred at the thought that however much I have stumbled as a parent, the legacy of poetry has passed to the next generation. 

Giving a Copper Canyon poetry subscription to a kindred spirit brings the same joy, sharing the beauty provoked by words.

—John Phillips, Copper Canyon Press Board Member & Subscribing Patron

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